best Windows 11 Tricks & Tips You Need to Know


 Maximize Your Windows 11 Experience with These Insider Tips"

"Discover the best Windows 11 tricks and tips to enhance your desktop experience. Learn how to realign the Start button, customize your right-click menu, create and manage multiple desktops, gather widgets, and snap your window layouts efficiently."

best Windows 11 Tricks & Tips You Need to Know

If you're considering upgrading to Windows 11, you'll find a sleek redesign with a centered taskbar and rounded app corners, reminiscent of Chrome OS. While the core OS remains largely the same, Windows 11 introduces some exciting new features. In this article, we'll provide essential tips to ease the transition from Windows 10 and make the most of your Windows 11 experience.

1. Realign the Start Button

Realign the Start Button
(Credit: Microsoft)

One of the first things you'll notice in Windows 11 is the repositioning of the Start button to the center of the taskbar. If you prefer the classic left-aligned Start button, don't worry – you can easily change it back:

Right-click on the taskbar and select "Taskbar Settings."

In the "Taskbar Behaviors" section, change "Taskbar Alignment" to "Left."

Your taskbar icons will shift to the left, and the Start button will return to its original location. For more tips on personalizing the Windows 11 taskbar, consult our detailed guide.

2. Add More Options to Your Right-Click Menu

Add More Options to Your Right-Click Menu
(Credit: Microsoft)

Windows 11 streamlines the right-click menu to focus on the most crucial settings. If you need access to additional settings, such as printing, background customization, or viewing file locations, simply select "Show more options" to reveal an extended menu.

3. Customize the Quick Settings Panel

Customize the Quick Settings Panel
(Credit: Microsoft)

In Windows 11, Quick Settings have been separated from notifications in the Action Center. To tailor the Quick Settings to your preferences:

Click on the section of the taskbar containing Wi-Fi, speaker, and battery icons to open a settings menu.

Use the pencil-shaped "Edit quick settings" button to add or remove specific settings buttons.

4. Create and Manage Multiple Desktops with Ease

Create and Manage Multiple Desktops with Ease
(Credit: Microsoft)

Windows 11 replaces the old Task View button with a redesigned icon on the taskbar, making it simpler to create and manage multiple desktops. Hover over the icon to view open virtual desktops or create new ones. These desktops can be easily rearranged, and you can drag apps between them.

Pro Tip: Customize each virtual desktop with different wallpapers. Right-click on the desktop, select "Personalize," then "Background," and choose a distinct image for each desktop. Note that this feature applies to background choices, not themes.

5. Gather Your Widgets

(Credit: Microsoft)

While Windows 10 introduced widgets as a concept, Windows 11 fully embraced them. Whether you want to check the weather, track stock prices, manage your calendar, or read the latest news, the Widgets icon on the taskbar has you covered. You can customize and rearrange widgets on the page, and manage your newsfeed preferences through Microsoft News.

In recent Windows 11 preview builds, third-party widgets, including those from Spotify and Facebook Messenger, have made an appearance in the panel and will be available in an upcoming update.

6. Master New Window Snapping Techniques

Master New Window Snapping Techniques
(Credit: Microsoft/PCMag)

Windows 11 builds on the snap and resize feature introduced in Windows 7 with Snap Layouts. You can still drag windows to the sides and corners for half- and quarter-screen layouts. Windows 11 provides a hover menu over the Maximize button, offering various layout options, depending on your display size.

For quick window snapping, utilize keyboard shortcuts such as Windows Key-Left Arrow to snap a window to the left half of the screen. You can also disable this behavior in Settings if you prefer.

Incorporating these Windows 11 tricks into your daily use will help you make the most of the new features and design, ensuring a seamless transition from Windows 10 and a productive desktop experience.

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